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Welcome to TanksdeadWorld!!!!!

      We are a brand new server  looking to establish a fun and interactive community. I am a 50 yr old gamer who decided to make my own server. ( insert old man, Pedophile jokes here!). After discovering Minecraft with one of my kids, I joined many servers to only watch them die, due to owner neglect or bad mods etc. It was very frustrating to spend all that time building creations and relationships and watch them go away totally out of my control. My son decided to go back to World of Warcraft but there was something about this block game that fascinated me so I decided to stay.So I decided to build my own. This was no easy task for a 50 yr old ( no jokes yet?) who had no pc or plugin skills what so ever. But I was determined to figure it out. Thru much trial and error , I think I have put together a server that can work but is still in need of some tweaking and community suggestions. Im very open to suggestions because I want to create the best Minecraft experience. While building the server, I have tried to pull from my past server experiences and think of the things I did and didn't like. My goal is to expand worlds and bring to the server several playing options. I wish to have all the basic game playing modes but because of my impatients to finally launch a server, I started with just 2.  I foresee having SkyBlock, Creative,  BedWars and a list of others. As for now.....

       SURVIVAL WORLD(world): Basic survival world with land claiming via Terrain claiming blocks ( special Diamond ore). There is a shop and a special GUI for easy navigation around the world. The server has Power-Mining, CreeperHeal, Achievements, SilkSpawners and many other behind the scenes plugins to enhance your server experience.  Survival world is just what the name implies.....Survive. I don't encourage raiding and if it seems to start to happen , then TNT will be disabled. But that doesn't mean someone just cant walk in the door and steal your stuff.... So be aware in your builds.....Also …. ALL WATER KILLS YOU!

        WATERWORLD:  Basic factions server with a twist....Movecraft. Movecraft gives you the ability to make vehicles that move. Boats, planes and submarines etc.. At first I will limit the types and sizes to what can be built. I need to determine server performance to see if it gets too laggy. There is also weapons that can be equipped on your crafts. I will leave them as is and nerf accordingly. Some of these are very powerful. The server has Movecraft, Factions, Faction Mobs (create an army) Cannons, SilkSpawners, ShipLocking and more. Also..... ALL WATER KILLS YOU!

       Both Worlds will have separate inventories and money balances ( You Know Why) but will share the same chat.
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5th Feb by OWNER Tanksdead in test
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7th Feb
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7th Feb
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